We are a group of friends who gather from time to time to share poetry, literature, and pleasant conversation.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Recent Gatherings

October 21st, 2012

Fall Colors

·         In the Hardwoods Grove              Robert Frost                       Jerry Weisbrod
·         Autumn Days                                Will Carleton                     Theresa Weisbrod
·         Ode to Autumn                             Thomas Hood                     Theresa Weisbrod
·         The Colors of Autumn                 Jim Foulk                            Debbie Kopff
·         Pied Beauty                                  G M Hopkins                      Tom Kopff
·         October’s Bright Blue Weather   Helen Jackson                     ??????
·         Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright       William Blake                     ??????
·         Three Haikus                               Benjamin Trull                    Benjamin Trull

September 23, 2012

Harvest Poems

·         My Mother’s garden                      Alice E. Allen                      Tom Kopff
·         A Prayer in Spring                         Robert Frost                         Mike Martel
·         Come September                            Hazelmarie Elliott                Denise Trull
·         The Beauty of Creation                 St. Augustine                       Tony Trull
·         Harvest Time                                  Colin Moffett                       Debbie Kopff
·         A Song of Harvest                          John G. Whittier                  Bill McDonald
·         To Autumn                                     William Blake                      Caroline Kopff
·         A Change of Seasons                     Kathy L. Cobb                     Will McDonald
·         Hurrahing in Harvest                    G M Hopkins                      Will McDonald
·         Harvest Moon                                 ?????                                   Jo-Ellen McDonald
·         Is My Team Plowing                       A L Houseman                    Allison McDonald
·         The Harvest Moon                          H W Longfellow                Theresa Weisbrod

June 9, 2012

·         The Pasture                                     Robert Frost                       Jerry Weisbrod
·         Summer Sun                                   Robt Louis Stevenson        Jo-Ellen McDonald
·         Man is the Animal that Cries         Ray Bradbury                     Ben Trull
·         Sumer Is Icumen In                       Anonymous                        Tom Kopff
·         Indian Summer                               Emily Dickenson               David Trull
·         Casey at the Bat                              Ernest Thayer                     Reuben Trull
·         God’s Grandeur                              G M Hopkins                      Thomas Trull
·         Gunga Din                                      Rudyard Kipling                 Bill McDonald
·         It Couldn’t Be Done                       Edgar Guest                        Caroline Kopff
·         On a Fly Drinking o/o His Cup     William Oldys                     ???????
·         I Came to the Garden                     Gail White                           Tony Trull
·         Loveliest Blossom                           Jessica Powers                     Madeleine Trull
·         The Story of a Soul                         Therese of Lisieux               Denise Trull
·         Barefoot Boy                                   J Greenleaf Whittier           Will McDonald
·         Rose Pogonias                                 Robert Frost                       Theresa Weisbrod

Sunday, February 19, 2012

October: Hallowe'en Theme

This session was held in the Kopff's back yard, around the fire.  The poems were fittingly spooky and macabre.  Will McDonald recited The Raven.  Tom Kopff sang The Long Black Veil.

Vespers, By Dora Greenwell


When I have said my quiet say,
When I have sung my little song,
How sweetly, sweetly dies that day,
The valley and the hill along;
How sweet the summons, ‘Come away’,
That calls me from the busy throng.

I thought beside the water’s flow
A while to lie beneath the leaves,
I thought in Autumn’s harvest glow
To rest my head upon the sheaves;
But lo! Methinks the day was brief
And cloudy; flower, nor fruit nor leaf
I bring, and yet accepted, free
And blest, my Lord, I come to Thee.

What matter now for promise lost
Through blast of spring or summer rains!
What matter now for purpose crost,
For broken hopes and wasted pains!
What if the olive little yields!
What if the grape be blighted!  Thine
The corn upon a thousand fields,
Upon a thousand hills the vine.

My spirit bare before Thee stands;
I bring no gift, I ask no sign,
I come to Thee with empty hands,
The surer to be filled from Thine.

By Dora Greenwell
Found in the book A Diary of Readings by John Baillie, for Day 4
Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1955

September Theme: Fall, Harvest Time

Will McDonald regaled us with a memorable rendition of "When the Frost is on the Pumpkin" by James Whitcomb Riley.
Tom Kopff read a poem by Dora Greenwell called Vespers which, amazingly enough, I have been unable to find on the web.  I will post it in a separate entry later.